About Us

We built the kind of company we like to do business with. We think you will too.

1. Customers are King (or Queen) – Our customers are the reason we show up to work each day. We don’t answer to investors or a board of directors – we answer to our
customers. So pleasing them is our number one priority. We promise to respect
their time, money, and trust.

2. Communication – We believe communication is what builds relationships, and strong
relationships are what build a successful company. We communicate clearly and honestly.

3. The Little Things – We believe that our customers deserve and appreciate the little
things, and it’s those things that helps NSN Depot shine – answering the phone on the
first ring, keeping our promises, responding quickly, and thanking you for your
business. Does your current supplier do the little things?

4. Ease of use – Buying spare parts shouldn’t be difficult. We make it hassle-free,
ensuring that our customers receive the right part, every time, at an honest price.

5. Empower our Employees – Each of our employees is empowered to make decisions on
their own that will provide the best experience possible for our customers.

6. No Minimum Order – Who are we to dictate the number of parts a customer needs or the amount they spend? We believe that if we take care of our customers and help solve
their problems, the money will follow.

7. Company Culture – We do not tout a company culture. Our culture is ever-evolving and the result of our commitment to bringing value to our customers.

Is our product spare parts? No. Spare parts are just the vehicle that allows us to engage people and do what we love. Our product is creating value for our customers, giving them peace of mind and delivering a remarkable experience.