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Details For Federal Supply Class 1034

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FSG 1034 - Historical FSC
Details For Federal Supply Group 10

Note-This group includes combat weapons as well as weapon-like noncombat items, such as line throwing devices and pyrotechnic pistols. Also included in this group are weapon neutralizing equipment, such as degaussers, and deception equipment, such as camouflage nets. Excluded from this group are fire control and night devices classifiable in groups 12 or 58.

National Stock Numbers In Federal Supply Class 1034  (7 listings)
NSNPart NumberCAGEName
05001FM0242T0097CAGE T0097


    Alternate References: 1034270394067, 270394067

05001FM0243T0097CAGE T0097


    Alternate References: 1034270394070, 270394070

05001FM0241T0097CAGE T0097


    Alternate References: 1034270394075, 270394075

05001FM0246T0097CAGE T0097


    Alternate References: 1034270400268, 270400268

05001FM0247T0097CAGE T0097


    Alternate References: 1034270400272, 270400272

FB KH01T0097CAGE T0097


    Alternate References: 1034270403093, 270403093



    Alternate References: 1034270403095, 270403095


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