FSC 1445

Details For Federal Supply Class 1445

No Details For Federal Supply Class 1445

Details For Federal Supply Group 14

Note-This group includes missiles (with or without warheads or explosive components) incorporating mechanisms capable of altering normal flight paths. Radar and infrared assemblies and components designed specifically for use with guided missiles are classified in the appropriate classes of this group. This group also includes guided bombs that have been converted to guided missiles by addition of a means of propulsion. Excluded from this group are case sections, nose cones, flare sections, center sections, warheads, explosive components, rockets, and auxiliary components of missiles and reentry vehicles which are designed or constructed for exclusive use with or for housing of nuclear warheads and/or warhead sections. Also excluded are space vehicle nose cones and space capsules specifically designed to carry loads peculiar to space research and space travel.

National Stock Numbers In Federal Supply Class 1445  (1 listing)
NSNPart NumberCAGEName
(241)A09124641-28-001A0912CAGE A0912


    Alternate References: 1445151870256, 151870256


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