1240-00-139-7622 (1240001397622, 001397622)
Part Number (1 listing): SP29685

FSG 12 / FSC 1240




Date Created: 18 Aug 1971

Unit Weight: 9.4 lbs

Unit Size: None

Unit Pack Cube: 1.100 cu ft

MSDS: None

Hazmat: None

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Manufacturer Part NumberRNCCRNVCManufacturer NameCAGE
SP296853 - Design Control Reference2 - Production ItemCADILLAC GAGE TEXTRON INC.  10237    CAGE 10237  
Code Definitions

3 - Design Control Reference

Reference Number Category Code (DRN_2910)

Design Control Reference. The primary number used to identify an item of production or a range of items of production, by the manufacturer (individual, company, firm, corporation, or Government activity) which controls the design, characteristics, and production of the item by means of its engineering drawings, specifications and inspection requirements.

2 - Production Item

Reference Number Variation Code (DRN_4780)

A design control or other reference number that is an item-identifying number for an item of production, or a source control reference or a specification or standard part, type, or similar reference number that is an item-identifying number for an item of supply.

FLIS - SEG A - IDENTIFICATION | NSN 1240-00-139-7622 Submit RFQ
121240001397622T271-A22603X46DNAA018 Aug 1971
Code Definitions


Federal Supply Group (FSG_3994/FSC_WI_FSG_3996)

Fire Control Equipment


Federal Supply Class (FSC_3994/FSC_WI_FSC_3996)

Optical Sighting and Ranging Equipment


National Item Identification Number (NCB_CD_4130/I_I_NBR_4131)

NSN 1240-00-139-7622


Federal Item Identification Guide (FIIG_4065)


Item Naming Code (INC_4080)

18 Aug 1971

NIIN Assignment Date (DT_NIIN_ASGMT_2180)


Item Criticality (CRITL_CD_FIIG_3843)

The item does not have a nuclear hardened feature or any other critical feature such as tolerance, fit restriction or application.


Type of Item Identification (TYP_II_4820)

Partial Descriptive Item Identification (Type 1 Concept)


Reference / Partial Descriptive Method Reason Code (RPDMRC_4765)

An approved item name and FIIG may exist, but it has previously been established and documented that industry refuses to provide the technical data sufficient for preparation on a full descriptive method item identification based on policy, restricted or proprietary data rights, nonexistence of technical data, etc.


Demilitarization Code (DEMIL_CD_0167)

MLI (SME) — Total destruction of item and components so as to preclude restoration or repair to a usable condition by melting, cutting, tearing, scratching, crushing, breaking, punching, neutralizing, etc. (As an alternate, burial or deep water dumping may be used when coordinated with the DOD Demilitarization Program Office.)


Hazardous Material Indicator Code (HMIC_0865)

Indicates there is no data in the HMIRS and the NSN is in a FSC not generally suspected of containing hazardous materials.


Electrostatic Discharge Code (ESD_EMI_CD_2043)

No known Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) or Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) sensitivity.


Precious Metals Indicator Code (PMIC_0802)

Item does not contain Precious Metal.


ADPE Identification Code (ADPEC_0801)

Represents items with no ADP components. NOTE: Codes 1 through 6 are only to be used when the item is Automatic Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) in its entirety and is limited to the type meeting only one of the definitions for codes 1 through 6. (See code 9)

FLIS - SEG B - MOE RULE DATA | NSN 1240-00-139-7622 Submit RFQ
MOE RuleFormer MOEAMCAMSCNIMSCIMCIMC ActivityAACDSORCollaboratorsReceiversEffective Date
MM863CMEPABABB1 Apr 1991
YB011 Apr 1991
ZH011 Apr 1991
Code Definitions


Acquisition Method Code (AMC_2871)

Acquire directly from the actual manufacturer, whether or not the prime contractor is the actual manufacturer.


Acquisition Method Suffix Code (AMSC_2876)

This part requires engineering source approval by the design control activity in order to maintain the quality of the part. An alternate source must qualify in accordance with the design control activity's procedures, as approved by the cognizant Government engineering activity. Valid AMCs: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


Nonconsumable Item Material Support Code (NIMSC_0076)

An activity within the Marine Corps is providing depot maintenance support.


Item Management Code (IMC_2744)

Reparables: Centrally managed recoverable items designated as reparable for the reasons that repair of unserviceable quantities of the items are considered by the inventory manager in satisfying requirements prior to or in conjunction with determining procurement quantities.


Item Management Coding Activity (IMC_ACTY_2748)

Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA 31704-1128


Depot Source of Repair Codes (DSOR_0903)

Maintenance Center Albany (MCA), Marine Corps Logistics Command (MCLC), Albany, GA


Depot Source of Repair Codes (DSOR_0903)

Maintenance Center Barstow (MCB), Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB), Barstow, CA

FLIS - SEG C - REFERENCE NUMBER | NSN 1240-00-139-7622 Submit RFQ
3321PADSP29685  10237   CAGE/10237
Code Definitions


Reference Number Format Code (RNFC_2920)

Number format is unknown. (Coded RNFC 3 by the Defense Logistics Information Service upon implementation of FLIS.)


Reference Number Category Code (RNCC_2910)

Design Control Reference. The primary number used to identify an item of production or a range of items of production, by the manufacturer (individual, company, firm, corporation, or Government activity) which controls the design, characteristics, and production of the item by means of its engineering drawings, specifications and inspection requirements.


Reference Number Variation Code (RNVC_4780)

A design control or other reference number that is an item-identifying number for an item of production, or a source control reference or a specification or standard part, type, or similar reference number that is an item-identifying number for an item of supply.


Document Availability Code (DAC_2640)

The reference number is represented by a drawing and the drawing was available to the RNAAC, who may or may not be the submitting activity, at the time of submission of the reference number. The RNAAC will furnish the drawing upon request.


Reference Number Action Activity Code (RNAAC_2900)

Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA 31704-1128


Reference Number Status Code (RNSC_2923)

Procurement authority of the manufacturer and reference number have not yet been checked. NOTE: This code is to be allocated to reference numbers still requiring checks on procurement authority.

ISCOriginatorNIIN StatusReplaced / Replacement ISCReplaced / Replacement OriginatorReplacement NIIN StatusReplacement DateReplaced / Replacement NSNDecision Date
6BF017 Apr 1973
Code Definitions


Item Standardization Code (ISC_2650)

An item authorized for procurement that is in a specific Federal Supply Class (FSC) or item name grouping consisting primarily of items which are one-of-a-kind; therefore, little or no potential exists for elimination of items through formal item reduction studies.


Originator of Standardization Decision (ORG_STDZN_DEC_9325)

U.S. Army Armament and Chemical Acquisition and, Logistics Activity, Rock Island, IL 61299-6000


NIIN Status Code (NIIN_STAT_CD_2670)

Item is active. File data coded KFD is forwarded. if this KFD data represents your item of supply, submit, if applicable, an LAD, LAU, or LCU transaction. Otherwise, use the National Stock Number (NSN) in your supply system.

17 Apr 1973

Standardization Decision Date (DT_STDZN_DEC_2300)

FLIS - SEG G - FREIGHT DATA | NSN 1240-00-139-7622 Submit RFQ
IntegrityOriginatingHMCLCLWCCTCCSHCADCACCASHLTLNMFCNMFC Sub ItemUFCFreight DescriptionRail Variance
Code Definitions


Originating Activity Code (ORIG_ACTY_CD_4210)

Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA 31704-1128


Water Commodity Code (WRT_CMDTY_CD_9275)

Boats, Repair Parts and Components


Type Cargo Code (TYPE_CGO_CD_9260)

No special type of cargo code applicable


Special Handling Code (SP_HDLG_CD_9240)

No special handling required


Air Dimension Code (AIR_DIM_CD_9220)

Shipment is not a consolidation and does not exceed 72 inches in any dimension.


Air Commodity Code (AIR_CMTY_HDLG_9215)

Arms/Weapons (all types including Inert Component Parts).


Air Special Handling Code (AIR_CMTY_HDLG_9215)

No special handling required.


Less Than Truckload (CLAS_RTNG_CD_2770)

Variable Rating


National Motor Freight Classification Number (NMFC Item Number) (NMFC_2850)


NMFC Sub Item Number (SUB_ITM_NBR_0861)


Uniform Freight Classification (UFC_CD_MODF_3040)


Freight Description (FRT_DESC_4020)

Rail Variance

Rail Variance (RAIL_VARI_CD_4760)

No Variation. NMFC and UFCC Match.

FLIS - SEG H - MANAGEMENT DATA | NSN 1240-00-139-7622 Submit RFQ
Code Definitions


Source of Supply (SOS_CD_3690) or Source of Supply Modifier (SOSM_CD_2948)

Commanding General, Marine Corps Logistics Command, 566–2, Bldg. 3700, Albany, GA 31704-5000


Acquisition Advice Code (AAC_2507)

SEMIACTIVE ITEM-NO REPLACEMENT (NON-STOCKED ITEMS) A potentially inactive NSN which must be retained in the supply system as an item of supply because (1) stocks of the item are on hand or in use below the wholesale level and (2) the NSN is cited in equipment authorization documents TO & E, TA, TM, etc., or in-use assets are being reported. 1. Items are authorized for central procurement but not authorized for stockage at wholesale level. 2. Requisitions for in-use replacement will be authorized in accordance with individual Military Service directives. 3. Requisitions may be submitted as requirements generate. Repetitive demands may dictate an AAC change to permit wholesale stockage.


Controlled Item Inventory Code (CIIC_2863)

Low Sensitivity (SRC IV) – UNCLASSIFIED AA&E. Weapon components, such as silencers, mufflers and noise suppression devices will be treated as Security Risk Category II items. The frame or receiver of an arm constitutes a weapon and such parts shall be stored according to the applicable category; e.g., the receiver of a .30 caliber machine gun shall be stored as a Category II arm. Major parts for arms (such as barrels and major subassemblies) shall be afforded at least the same protection as Security Risk Category IV Arms.


Quantity Unit Pack (QUP_6106)



Reparability Code (REP_CD_DLA_2934 / REP_CD_CG_0709 / ERRC_CD_AF_2655 / RECOV_CD_MC_2891 / RECOV_CD_AR_2892 / MAT_CTL_NVY_2832)

ARMY: When repair is beyond lower level maintenance capability, evacuate the item to depot. Disposal is not authorized below wholesale level; MARINE CORPS: Reparable item. When beyond lower level repair capability, return to depot. Condemnation and disposal not authorized below depot level; NAVY: Field Level Reparables


Unit of Issue (UI_3050)

Each - A numeric quantity of one item of supply. Do not use if a more specific term applies, such as kit, set, assortment, assembly, group, sheet, plate, strip or length.


Shelf Life Code (SLC_2943)

TYPE I or TYPE II (Non-Deteriorative/No Shelf-Life) - An individual item of supply which is determined through an evaluation of technical test data and/or actual experience to be an item with a definite non-extendible period of shelf-life OR An individual item of supply having an assigned shelf-life time period that may be extended after completion of inspection/test/restorative action.


Service / Agency Code (MOE_CD_2833)

U.S. Marine Corps

FLIS - SEG W - PACKAGING DATA | NSN 1240-00-139-7622 Submit RFQ
SourcePICA / SICAPackaging CategoryStoragePreservationClean/DryINT QtyUnit WeightUnit SizeUnit Pack CubeItem WeightItem Dims
APBDB1XXX9.4 lbs1.100 cu ft
Preservation MaterialWrapping MaterialCushioning / DunnageCushioning ThicknessUnit ContainerIntermediate ContainerUnit Container LevelSpecial MarkingLevel A PackingLevel B PackingMinimal PackingOptional Procedure
Code Definitions


Packaging Data Source Code (PK_DTA_SRC_CD_5148)

Packaging Data Record contains data that does not meet current MIL-STD-2073-1C/D formats


Primary / Secondary Inventory Control Code (PICA_SICA_IND_5099)

Primary Inventory Control Activity (PICA)


Item Type Storage Code (ITM_TYP_STOR_5156)

Unheated General Purpose


Method of Preservation Code (MTHD_PRSRV_CD_5160)

Preserve by Method 10 modified as follows: Preserve in transparent barrier bag made of A-A-3174 or Type III MIL-PRF-22191 material. A-A-3174 or MILPRF-22191, Type III material, A-A-3129 or PPP-C-795 cushioning shall be used to cushion sharp edges and protrusions of the preserved items. Bag closure shall be made by any suitable means, except that staples shall not be used. When use of a bag is not practicable, the item shall be completely wrapped in the above barrier or cushioning material and secured with pressure sensitive tape. Also, the use of shaped or molded packs utilizing MIL-PRF-22191 or A-A-3174 materials in conjunction with plastic coated board is acceptable provided the pack's cube is not increased and the pack meets the tests specified in Appendix G. Strip or block form of multiple packages shall incorporate provisions for separating unit quantities.


Cleaning and Drying Procedure Code (CLNG_DRY_PRC_5161)

Any suitable process that is not injurious to the item.


Intermediate Container Quantity (INTMD_CTN_QTY_5152)

9.4 lbs

Unit Pack Weight (UP_WT_5153)

1.100 cu ft

Unit Pack Cube (UP_CU_5155)

Unpackaged Item Weight (UNPKG_ITM_WT_5157)


Thickness of Cushioning or Dunnage Code (THK_CUSH_DUN_5165)

As required to protect the item or elements of the package


Unit Container Code (UNIT_CTNR_CD_5166)

ASTM-D5118, Type CF, Class weather resistant, single wall, corrugated fiberboard box.


Unit Container Level Code (UNIT_CTNR_LVL_5168)

Unit container provides level A packing protection.


Special Marking Code (SP_MKG_CD_5169)

Special requirements


Packing Requirement Code - For Level A (Maximum) Packing (LVL_A_PKG_CD_5170)

Packing shall be accomplished to meet the performance test requirements of ASTMD4169, Distribution Cycle 18, Assurance Level 1.


Packing Requirement Code - For Level B (Intermediate) Packing (LVL_B_PKG_CD_5171)

Packing shall be accomplished in accordance with table C-II for the packing level specified. Closure sealing and reinforcement shall be in accordance with the appropriate shipping container specification.


Packing Requirement Code - For Minimal Packing (MINM_PK_RQ_CD_5172)

Items or packages that require packing for acceptance by the carrier shall be packed in exterior type shipping containers in a manner that will ensure safe transportation at the lowest rate to the point of delivery and shall meet, as a minimum, the requirements of the following rules and regulations, as applicable to the mode(s) of transportation to be utilized: (a) Postal Regulations (b) Department of Transportation Regulations (c) Civil Air Regulations (d) Uniform Freight Classification Rules (e) National Motor Freight Classification Rules (f) American Truckers' Association Rules (g) Other applicable carriers' rules (h) Military Air Regulations for dangerous materials Consolidation of Shipments. All exterior packs of 1.5 cubic feet or less having no single dimension (length, width, height) exceeding 40 inches (and when the total number of such containers in any individual shipment exceeds 25), shall be consolidated, using flat pallets, box pallets, or containers as the consolidating media. Dangerous goods shall be prepared for shipment according to applicable Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and international regulations in effect at time of shipment. Shipments by parcel post must comply with Postal Regulations.


Optional Procedure Indicator Code (OPTNL_PRO_IND_5173)

Options can be exercised as to specific method of preservation or DoD approved packaging materials to be used. However, basic preservation method shall be retained, supplemental data shall be complied with, and unit package dimensions shall not be increased by more than one inch. Equal or better protection shall be given the item and there shall be no increase in the package cost.

FLIS - SEG M/V - CHARACTERISTICS DATA | NSN 1240-00-139-7622 Submit RFQ
MRCDecoded RequirementClear Text Reply
AGAVEnd Item IdentificationAAVP7, ID NO 07007B

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