1265-12-190-9989 (1265121909989, 121909989)
Part Numbers (3 listings): 1281/64150 | 087-03/60446 | 1281-64150 |

FSG 12 / FSC 1265




Date Created: 5 Jan 1982

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Manufacturer Part NumberRNCCRNVCManufacturer NameCAGE
1281/641502 - Definitive Specification or Standard Document2 - Production ItemBUNDESAMT FUER AUSRUESTUNG,  C2311      
087-03/604463 - Design Control Reference2 - Production ItemCASSIDIAN OPTRONICS GMBH  C5393      
1281/641505 - Replaced / Discontinued2 - Production ItemBUNDESAMT FUER AUSRUESTUNG,  D1839    CAGE D1839  
1281-641505 - Replaced / Discontinued2 - Production ItemBUNDESAMT FUER AUSRUESTUNG,  D1839    CAGE D1839  
087-03/604465 - Replaced / Discontinued9 - No Longer UsedELTRO GMBH GESELLSCHAFT FUER  D3777      
Code Definitions

2 - Definitive Specification or Standard Document

Reference Number Category Code (DRN_2910)

Definitive Government Specification or Standard Designator Reference. A part number, style number, or type designator included in or developed in accordance with a Government specification or standard which has the effect of fully identifying an item of supply. This code shall also be used for a Government specification or standard which, although not including part numbers, style numbers, or type designators, covers a single item of upply. These reference numbers may be coded with Reference Number Variation Code (RNVC) 1 in accordance with volume 2, paragraph 2.9.2.n.(4).

3 - Design Control Reference

Reference Number Category Code (DRN_2910)

Design Control Reference. The primary number used to identify an item of production or a range of items of production, by the manufacturer (individual, company, firm, corporation, or Government activity) which controls the design, characteristics, and production of the item by means of its engineering drawings, specifications and inspection requirements.

5 - Replaced / Discontinued

Reference Number Category Code (DRN_2910)

Secondary Reference. Any additional number, other than a primary number (codes 1,2,3,4) informative reference (code 6) or vendor item drawing reference (code 7) assigned to an item of production or supply by a commercial or Government organization, which represents the same item of production or supply to which the National Stock Number (NSN) was assigned. The reference number may have had an RNCC of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 7 but has since been replaced in the item-of-supply concept of the NSN by another primary number.

2 - Production Item

Reference Number Variation Code (DRN_4780)

A design control or other reference number that is an item-identifying number for an item of production, or a source control reference or a specification or standard part, type, or similar reference number that is an item-identifying number for an item of supply.

9 - No Longer Used

Reference Number Variation Code (DRN_4780)

A specification, standard, or other reference number which is superseded, canceled, obsolete or discontinued and is coded Reference Number Category Code (RNCC) 5; a reference number for information only coded RNCC 6; or a reference number coded RNCC D.

FLIS - SEG A - IDENTIFICATION | NSN 1265-12-190-9989 Submit RFQ
12126512190998977777215 Jan 1982
Code Definitions


Federal Supply Group (FSG_3994/FSC_WI_FSG_3996)

Fire Control Equipment


Federal Supply Class (FSC_3994/FSC_WI_FSC_3996)

Fire Control Transmitting and Receiving Equipment, except Airborne


National Item Identification Number (NCB_CD_4130/I_I_NBR_4131)

NSN 1265-12-190-9989


Item Naming Code (INC_4080)

5 Jan 1982

NIIN Assignment Date (DT_NIIN_ASGMT_2180)


Type of Item Identification (TYP_II_4820)

Reference Item Identification


Reference / Partial Descriptive Method Reason Code (RPDMRC_4765)

An approved item name does not exist.

FLIS - SEG B - MOE RULE DATA | NSN 1265-12-190-9989 Submit RFQ
MOE RuleFormer MOEAMCAMSCNIMSCIMCIMC ActivityAACDSORCollaboratorsReceiversEffective Date
Code Definitions

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