5330-00-001-1846 (5330000011846, 000011846)
Part Numbers (3 listings): PK2659NON-ASBESTOS | PK1506NON-ASBESTOS | PK1506 |

FSG 53 / FSC 5330




Date Created: 24 Sep 1972

Export License Required:
Munitions List Item or Commerce Control List Item

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Manufacturer Part NumberRNCCRNVCManufacturer NameCAGE
PK2659 NON-ASBESTOS3 - Design Control Reference2 - Production ItemPRATT & WHITNEY CANADA CIE  00198    CAGE 00198  
PK1506 NON-ASBESTOS5 - Replaced / Discontinued9 - No Longer UsedPRATT & WHITNEY CANADA CIE  00198    CAGE 00198  
PK1506C - Advisory Reference1 - Incomplete Part NumberPRATT & WHITNEY CANADA CIE  00198    CAGE 00198  
Code Definitions

3 - Design Control Reference

Reference Number Category Code (DRN_2910)

Design Control Reference. The primary number used to identify an item of production or a range of items of production, by the manufacturer (individual, company, firm, corporation, or Government activity) which controls the design, characteristics, and production of the item by means of its engineering drawings, specifications and inspection requirements.

5 - Replaced / Discontinued

Reference Number Category Code (DRN_2910)

Secondary Reference. Any additional number, other than a primary number (codes 1,2,3,4) informative reference (code 6) or vendor item drawing reference (code 7) assigned to an item of production or supply by a commercial or Government organization, which represents the same item of production or supply to which the National Stock Number (NSN) was assigned. The reference number may have had an RNCC of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 7 but has since been replaced in the item-of-supply concept of the NSN by another primary number.

C - Advisory Reference

Reference Number Category Code (DRN_2910)

Advisory Reference. A number assigned to an item of production or supply not included in the item-of-supply concept to which the NSN has been assigned (e.g., an item that may have been used in the preproduction equipment design which has since been redesigned or replaced). Use of this RNCC is restricted to conditions where cross-reference is required to establish identification to an item of supply. Additionally, there is not direct relationship of the reference number to the NSN other than a Service/Agency individual decision. (RNCC shall be used only in conjunction with RNVC 1.

2 - Production Item

Reference Number Variation Code (DRN_4780)

A design control or other reference number that is an item-identifying number for an item of production, or a source control reference or a specification or standard part, type, or similar reference number that is an item-identifying number for an item of supply.

9 - No Longer Used

Reference Number Variation Code (DRN_4780)

A specification, standard, or other reference number which is superseded, canceled, obsolete or discontinued and is coded Reference Number Category Code (RNCC) 5; a reference number for information only coded RNCC 6; or a reference number coded RNCC D.

1 - Incomplete Part Number

Reference Number Variation Code (DRN_4780)

A design control or other reference number that does NOT identify an item of production without the use of additional information, or a specific part, type, or similar reference number does NOT identify or item of supply without the use of additional information.

FLIS - SEG A - IDENTIFICATION | NSN 5330-00-001-1846 Submit RFQ
535330000011846QPU24 Sep 1972
Code Definitions


Federal Supply Group (FSG_3994/FSC_WI_FSG_3996)

Hardware and Abrasives


Federal Supply Class (FSC_3994/FSC_WI_FSC_3996)

Packing and Gasket Materials


National Item Identification Number (NCB_CD_4130/I_I_NBR_4131)

NSN 5330-00-001-1846

24 Sep 1972

NIIN Assignment Date (DT_NIIN_ASGMT_2180)

Type of Item Identification (TYP_II_4820)

NSN Center Does Not Have An Explanation


Demilitarization Code (DEMIL_CD_0167)

CCLI — Commerce Control List Item Demilitarization not required. CCLI are dual-use (military, commercial, and other strategic uses) items under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Export Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, through the Export Administration Regulations. The types of items under the Commerce Control List (CCL) are commodities (i.e., equipment, materials, electronics, propulsion systems, etc.), software, and technology. The CCL does not include those items exclusively controlled by another department or agency of the U.S. Government.


Hazardous Material Indicator Code (HMIC_0865)

Indicates there is no information in the HMIRS; however, the NSN is in a FSC in Table II of Federal Standard 313 and a MSDS may be required by the user. The requirement for a MSDS is dependent on a hazard determination of the supplier or the intended end use of the product.


Precious Metals Indicator Code (PMIC_0802)

Precious Metal Content is unknown.

FLIS - SEG H - MANAGEMENT DATA | NSN 5330-00-001-1846 Submit RFQ
Code Definitions


Source of Supply (SOS_CD_3690) or Source of Supply Modifier (SOSM_CD_2948)

Defense Logistics Agency, Enterprise Business Systems


Acquisition Advice Code (AAC_2507)

TERMINAL ITEM (NON-STOCKED ITEMS) Future procurement is not authorized. No wholesale stock is available for issue. 1. Requisitions will not be processed to the wholesale manager. 2. Internal Service/agency requisitioning may be continued in accordance with the Service/agency requisitioning policies.


Controlled Item Inventory Code (CIIC_2863)



Quantity Unit Pack (QUP_6106)



Unit of Issue (UI_3050)

Each - A numeric quantity of one item of supply. Do not use if a more specific term applies, such as kit, set, assortment, assembly, group, sheet, plate, strip or length.


Shelf Life Code (SLC_2943)

TYPE I or TYPE II (Non-Deteriorative/No Shelf-Life) - An individual item of supply which is determined through an evaluation of technical test data and/or actual experience to be an item with a definite non-extendible period of shelf-life OR An individual item of supply having an assigned shelf-life time period that may be extended after completion of inspection/test/restorative action.


Service / Agency Code (MOE_CD_2833)

Defense Logistics Agency


Service / Agency Code (MOE_CD_2833)

Department of the Navy

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