ENGINE, DIESEL: 12 CYLINDER, 90° V-TYPE, 750HP, AVDS1790-2, AVDS1790-2A, AVDS1790-2C, AVDS1790-2D, AVDS1790-2DR, AVDS1790-2CA AND AVDS1790-2DA

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Exhaust smoke density.
To determine conformance to 3.3.10, the engine shall
be operated at 1800, 2000, 2200, and 2400 rpm at the full power setting.
The exhaust smoke
density shall be measured not more than 3 ft from the turbocharger exhaust outlet flange and
Blow-by flow.
To determine conformance to 3.3.11, the engine shall run at
2400 rpm at the full power setting with a blow-by flow meter or equivalent.
Manifold flame heater (if applicable).
To determine conformance to 3.3.12, the
engine shall be cranked and the manifold flame heater shall be checked if it has been energized.
The results shall be recorded.
Air pressure.
To determine conformance to 3.3.13, all engine openings shall
be closed to ambient with appropriate plugs and covers.
A port shall be provided for applying air
pressure into the engine crankcase with a gage and a shut-off valve.
An air pressure of 3 psi
shall be applied for 3 minutes.
Any pressure drop shall be measured.
Also, an air pressure of
5 psi shall be applied, and checked for any indication of faulty seals or joints.
Water submergence.
To determine conformance to 3.3.14, the engine shall be
operated for 30 minutes while submerged in water (fresh water or 4% by volume salt water) to a
depth of 60 in. above the cooling fans with the intake and exhaust ducted to the atmosphere.
engine shall then be stopped for 3 minutes and shall then be restarted for an additional 15
The basic engine (see 6.5) shall operate with field excitation only to the alternator,
which shall operate at no load.
The results shall be recorded.
Water contamination.
To determine conformance to, the water
contamination in the lubricating oil shall be measured and recorded after the engine is subjected
to the test specified in
To determine conformance to 3.3.1, the engine shall follow the
break-in schedule in table VI.
Interface requirements verification.
To determine conformance to 3.4.2, the engine, including the generator
or alternator, shall be weighed (dry weight).

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