Preventive Maintenance Monthly

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PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly is series of United States Army technical bulletins published since June 1951 as a monthly magazine with comic book-style art to illustrate proper preventive maintenance methods.

PS Magazine

PS Magazine Archive - US Army LOGSA

Will Eisner

Will Eisner, one of the earliest American cartoonists of "The Spirit" fame, was conscripted into the US Army in 1942 and assigned to the camp newspaper in Aberdeen. He quickly became involved with the Army publication, Army Motors, where he helped develop the publication into a comic-style monthly encouraging preventative maintenance of equipment within the US Army. Creating fictional characters such as Joe Dope in a cartoon format was a success in the Army teaching their ranks to respect and perform preventative maintenance. The Pentagon assigned Will Eisner as editor to their ordance Firepower magazine while he continued illustrating Army Motors.

PS Magazine

After leaving the Army, Will incorpated American Visuals Corporation which became the civilian contractor to the US Army for the illustration of the newly created Preventative Maintenance magazine for the Army, PS Magazine (PS representing Postscript). What started as a risky project by the Army to popularize previously neglected preventative maintenance through cartooned humor became a stunning success with monthly editions of PS Magazine still published and distributed to a vast audience, both government and civilian. Will Eisner and PS Magazine are studied at the reference site,

PS Magazine Archive

Included in this digital library are curated and archived copies of PS Magazine since June 1951 collected with assistance directly from US Army LOGSA, Wikipedia, Virgina Commonwealth University, and RadioNerds.

NSN Depot's Digital PS Magazine Collection

NSN Depot has created this archive and published it here as it has and still contains valuable information for the defence and civilian communities for operating, repairing and maintaining equipment of US Military origin for safe and extended use.

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